Ek “challenge” jou.

Ek het vanoggend ‘n vraelysie met  tien vrae antwoord om te kyk wat my geestelike profiel is. Mens kan een van die volgende wees: “Believer, lover, seeker, maverick, companion,  thinker”.  Ek het myne vanoggend gedoen en was aangenaam verras met die resultaat. Ek is ‘n “BELIEVER”

Believers are people who naturally connect with the Holy One through simple trust. They are open and receptive to spiritual experiences and have an inner certainty that God is present in those experiences. Even when it appears that God is not acting overtly, they are confident in the movement of God’s Spirit.

When once they have been convinced of God’s presence and have given themselves in faith to God, they are not easily dissuaded from that trustfulness by situations or people that challenge their ready faith. They seek to relate to the Holy One through straightforward and undemanding dependence. They tend to pray with certainty in God’s response. If they were to meet God face to face, they would rejoice that their hope had been realized.

Moses, the figure so prominent in the early history of God’s people, exhibits many of the qualities of a believer. When he first encountered the Holy One, he trusted in what he saw, what he heard. And he responded from that place of trust. His faith continued to develop despite his own sense of self-inadequacy, and even when his own unworthiness crept in, he continued to act with straightforward certainty in the promises of the Holy One.

If you are a believer, you will find your soul nourished whenever you are called upon to act in faith on what may not be readily apparent to others. The portraits in Faces of Faith will be of interest as examples of others’ response to the spirit. Believers may find it harder to nurture their faith through what is still unknown or that skirts just outside the bounds of traditional belief patterns.

Uitdaging: Gaan antwoord gou die TIEN VRAGIES en kyk wat is jou geestelike profiel en “copy” en “paste” dit hier sodat ons kan sien.

Ag toe, gaan doen dit.


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  1. Ek is ‘n “lover”!

    LOVERS are people who naturally connect with the Holy One through their emotions. If you are a lover, you find prayer and meditation likely ways to deepen your love relationship with the Holy One.

    One such person in the Bible was Mary of Bethany. John 12:1-9.

    As jy my ontmoet en my beter leer ken sal jy sien dat ek inderdaad die eienskappe het presies soos dit hier uiteengesit word.

    Dit was nou baie interessant gewees Attie! Lief Jou!

  2. a Lover.
    Ek was heel verbaas.By my bestaan daar nie grys areas nie.n Ding is reg of verkeerd.Het dalk te doen met die era waaruit ons kom.

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