Historical Jesus 3: Jesus Seminar

As a result of a very busy programme I could not post the third part on the Historical Jesus reaseach. As mentioned before, these post are from Jesus Creed hosted by Scot McKnight and you can read the original post as well as several comments in the discussion if you are interested.

This post helped me to understand what the Jesus Seminar was about, but the series helped me to understand that not all historical Jesus research is bad, but that historical Jesus research is very important if we are serious in our quest to understand the message of the Bible

Bultmann unleashed a set of criteria that were used to determine if what is attributed to Jesus in the Gospels really came from him. Now once again let’s remind ourselves of something: the historical Jesus quest is about discerning what the “real” Jesus was like in comparison to what the Gospels say about him. Lees voort “Historical Jesus 3: Jesus Seminar”

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