The song we closed with tonight was “I stand amazed”. Those words describes what we experienced tonight. In the life af the apostle John we discovered this truth: Through the Power of the Holy Spirit of Pentecost, God transforms our ability to love people and transcends our inability to love some people.

1. In John, (and in us) the power to love is blocked out by his prejudice.

Johan strugled to love people who was different than he was; to love the other disciples; to love people who did not accept Christ at the first offer.

2. In John, (and for us) the power to love needs to be lived by a role model.

Peter in Acts was John’s role model in how to love. All of us needs a role model.

3. In John, (and in us) the power to love is unleashed over time.

In I John we see how the power of Pentecost trasnformed John’s ability to love and transcended his inability to love, and he became the apostle of love.

That is what I heard tonight. Maybe you will hear something else.

If you listen to Scot teach on this topic, maybe – just maybe – you will also stand amazed.


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  1. Pat Mocke

    Ek geniet Scott terdee, sy insig en manier van oordra is puik, ek is verstom oor die nuwe feite waarmee hy ons konfronteer.
    Vanaand “To share” Sy feite oor Maria het my stom geslaan, nog nooit ooit het ek dit in die lig gesien nie.
    Sien uit na moreaand

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