The second teaching of Scot McKnight on the Power of Pentecost was “The Power to Change”.

Last night Scot made the point that the Holy Spirt want’s to transform our abilities and transcend our inabilties. This process involves change.

Tonight we learned about the importance of embracing the cross in the process of change. We are able to overcome our inabilities through the power of the Holy Spirit by embracing the cross.

The cross is a symbol that reminds us that we have crucified ourselves and now we are living for Christ. The implication is that a start to do what I don’t want to do and stop doing what I want to do. Stop gossiping for instance; start being a more giving spouse; a more patient parent; more caring neighbour.  By embracing the cross you start doing what God wants you to do.

We go through three faces on our way to embrace the cross: Lees voort “PENTECOST – THE POWER TO CHANGE”


We had a wonderful evening with Scot McKnight last night. We had a full church and wonderful praise and worship. But the best of the night was definitely Scot himself. He spoke on the Power of Pentecost. You can listen to his teaching here: Scot McKnight – The Power of Pentecost.

For the people in South Africa: Scot McKnight is the Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies at North Park University. He lives with his wife, Kristen, in Chicago. He goes to church at Willowcreek in Chicago.

The five Dutch Reformed Churches in Rustenburg, South Africa made it possible to bring Scot to South Africa to teach at their annual Pentecost event and a few other places as well.

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