Scot McKnight (Hy land volgende Vrydag in Suid Afrika om Pinkster in Rustenburg te kom hou, en ook lesings te gee by twee Universiteite), vestig vanoggend my aandag op hierdie “post” van Dawn Husnick. Nadat ek dit gelees het en bewus daarvan dat ek nie kans kry om te skryf nie, “paste” ek dit hier.


In my years in the ER, I saw Jesus daily doing His Kingdom work in and through a group of His followers. It was a true expression of the church. One day stands out beyond all the others and left me radically changed forever. It was the day I saw Jesus face to face…

‘Give us hearts as servants’…was the song they were singing as I left the church service heading off for my second 12 hour shift in row. Weekends in the ER can be absolutely brutal! I was physically and emotionally spent as I walked up to the employee entrance. The sound of ambulances and an approaching medical helicopter were telltale signs that I would be literally, hitting the ground running.

“Dawn…can you lock down room 15?” yelled out my charge nurse as I crawled up to the nurse’s station. (When someone asked for a lock down it was usually a psychiatric or combative case). Lees voort “WAAR HET ONS VERKEERD GEGAAN?”

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